Matt Clemow, general manager of the Committee for Adelaide talking to Tom Richardson at InDaily about their recent trip through Europe:

They want to develop a global coalition for the safe storage of waste… I think that’s been very clear in every meeting we’ve had

Dry Cask Storage South Australia has many favourable characteristics for the long-term storage of nuclear material. With some of the oldest and most stable geology in the world, we are well situated to offer a solution.

A new, world-class service with the best regulations and latest technology to manage the material safer than where it could have been previously.

The potential revenue could resolve some of the problems facing the state today:

  • New employment covering many sectors
  • Local manufacturing (steel, aluminium)
  • Funding for the arts
  • Funding for environmental projects
  • Funding for schools and TAFE
  • Upgrading infrastructure (more electric trains)

More than that, this is South Australia taking a global problem where many nations need a long-term solution. Where we can become the world leaders in this industry to drive innovation and build expertise further than possible before. ANSTO already has Australia on the world stage thanks to developments like Synroc — a “safe, secure matrix for the immobilisation and final disposal of radioactive waste.”

We, in South Australia, don’t get a lot of opportunities like this.

Today we approach a fork in the road. I hope that we go down the right path…

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